Kazoo magazine


Collaborate with a tight-knit creative team on an award-winning, ad-free magazine for girls, ages 5 to 12, that celebrates them for being strong, smart, and true to themselves. 


A 64-page quarterly print publication distributed via Whole Foods and small bookstores.

↑ I collaborate on each issue’s art direction, which is grounded in the issue’s theme — ranging from the illusory world of magic to the bold vibes of bravery to inspiring ideas about the future. 

↑ I design the “Tickle” section, which begins at the table of contents and includes several spreads of interactive puzzles, games, and activities.

↑ One of the biggest challenge (and reward) to designing the “Tickle” section is creating a custom maze for each issue. It’s a fun puzzle that pieces together commissioned spot illustrations, interview blurbs, callouts, and a grid I create from conceptual shapes.

“A smart, beautiful quarterly. One of the best gifts of the year.” — The New York Times

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