Anna Smylie Caldwell


Collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team on an expressive, digital-first brand and launch campaign for a multi-billion dollar company.

As Block (fka Square) grew to have more businesses, it needed a distinct parent brand to more clearly reflect its corporate structure. So an in-house team was assembled (with consultation from 1.0 Design) and worked toward CEO, Jack Dorsey’s directive to create a futuristic identity that pushed branding boundaries.

I collaborated on the logo and brand ideation, and led the reskinning of the Investor Relations website. I also led the development of a brand system and guide, which I still focus on today.

Logo, brand system, and launch campaign (website and communication design)

Brand design featured on Brand New (+ their 2021 selects for 3D and motion), Input, A Change of Brand, and more

The launch website,

The launch video by Sekani Solomon in collaboration with Block's in-house design team.

The novel/weird treatment of Block’s executive headshots on its investor website, which unexpectedly went viral.

“...I feel like we’ve all been clamoring to see brands do something more or different or new and this very much delivers on that front.” — Armin Vit, Brand New

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