I. Deep Threads

Purpose: Map the duration and depth of my emails from the past year.

Form: A 16.5 x 24” poster. The messages were parsed in Processing and the points were plotted in Python. The x axis is time and y axis is number of messages per email thread. Created in collaboration with Shane Caldwell.

II. Offensive Odors

Purpose: Showcase data from Chicago's food inspections dating from 2010. This study focuses on three violations (19, 20 and 41) that refer to odor or trash maintenance. Inspectors are required to provide notes on violations, so I parsed these comments for odor-oriented details on where the smells came from and how they were described by inspectors.

Form: A 19.5 x 22.5" poster with an enclosure diagram where the size of the nodes reflect how often the words appear in the violation comments. Data pulled from the City of Chicago Data Portal.

III. Type Timeline

Purpose: Design a timeline that exhibits a selected typographic history dating back to the year 900.  

Form: A 20 x 33” laser printed poster. The graphic is derived from the Fibonacci sequence to illustrate time as exponential growth.

Anna Smylie Caldwell — 2019