I. White Egg

Purpose: Fuse a natural product and its traditional packaging to create a new package with a hand-in-glove fit. The unwrapping simulates the breaking of an egg to reveal the nested yolk.

Form: A 7-part pattern to be assembled with paper and glue.

A two-page pattern that can be assembled with a blade and adhesive

II. Blurbscapes

Purpose: create material visualizations of language. The first set portrays the shape of conversation awash in one tone or topic. The second series features a more diverse range of "voices." Both reference topographical mapping.

Form: hand dyed canvas, appropriated fabric, and corrugated cardboard cut and assembled by hand.

III. Vinyl Tribe

Purpose: illustrate the experience of vinyl sound by capturing the imperfect yet animated tone.

Form: 11x11" book. Features written text, letterpressed pages, and hand-bound structure.

Featured in the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection.

Anna Smylie Caldwell — 2019